ATF Drops the Hammer on 80% Glock-Style Pistols

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Jan 2023

Going well past its final “Definition of ‘Frame or Receiver‘” rule that has been two years in the making and needed reams of corrections just before its final release, the ATF just issued another 10 pages of extra clarification of the rule, taking specific umbrage with Polymer80 and Lone Wolf “80 percent” Glock-style frames.

In short, while the prevailing opinion garnered from the original rule was that these DIY gun frames were still legal to sell cash and carry without a federally mandated NICS background check as long as they weren’t sold in kits that came with tools, jigs and other parts, the new guidance says otherwise.

The takeaway, as explained by ATF in a separate press release just on the new 10-page letter:

This definition of “readily” applies to each classification of a partially complete frame or receiver under this rule, whether sold alone or as part of a kit; therefore, even without any associated templates, jigs, molds, equipment, tools, instructions, guides, or marketing materials, these partially complete pistol frames are “frames” and “firearms” as defined in the GCA and its implementing regulations.

While we aren’t lawyers, this guy is and tackles the new revelation in a 10-minute video, below:

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