ATF Releases New 4473 Forms

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Jan 2023

The ATF has done a stack of recent changes to the 4473, the “Firearms Transaction Record” that is completed at every over-the-counter transfer done by a federal firearms license holder.

While most of the changes are minor, there are a few kind of big ones, at least to some folks. Chief of these is a section for “privately made firearms,” or PMFs, coming into and going back out from an FFL’s inventory.

Other changes are to add a “non-binary” box for those who don’t identify as male or female, and a host of new information required about addresses and background check data for those under age 21– whose now-open juvenile records are open for review by NICS, pushing their delays to almost an automatic 10 business days.

There is also a pair of questions on the sale and transfer of ammunition (21b and 21c) which is new.Anyway, be sure you carefully read your 4473 on the next gun sale or transfer, so you know what you are certifying.

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