Big Horn Drops Braces from their 5.56 Pistols

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Jan 2023

In light of the recent ATF brace ruling– which is set to be published any day– Big Horn Armory has recently removed the stabilizing pistol brace from its AR500 Pistol to comply.

Further, they have dropped the prices of their AR pistols by 10 percent for at least the next little while. You can expect other makers and dealers to be running similar fire sale specials in the next 120 days or so. Of note, we have already seen Diamondback and Wilson Combat advertise similar moves.

As a side, local FFLs in our area have reported “brisk” sales as folks come in looking specifically to buy braced pistols so they can register them as “free” SBRs without having to get a $200 tax stamp. Of course, seven states (including California and New York) along with the District of Columbia don’t allow consumer ownership of NFA-registered SBRs, so there’s that.


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