Canik Now has a Steel-Framed Pistol With The SFx Rival-S Series

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Jan 2023

For years, everyone was stuck on polymer-framed striker-fired pistols, trying to play the catch-up game against Glock. Now, it seems everyone is turning their polymer-framed pistols into metal-framed guns, just look at the Walther Q4 and Q5, Sig Sauer’s full-metal Alloy XSeries Grip P320 variants, and the new S&W Metal M&P line, all billing the extra weight and rigidity as helping to tame recoil, making them softer shooting. With that, everyone’s favorite Turkish 9mm pistol maker, Canik, has introduced the new steel-framed SFx Rival-S series.Available in chrome (SFx Rival-S) and black (SFx Rival-S Dark Side), they come with 18-shot mags, five optics plates for all your favorite red dot options, and a waterproof travel case full of accessories including extended mag releases and a competition mag well. Other interesting features are a serrated and ported slide, ambi controls, fiber optic sights, and a 90-degree flat trigger. The price is $949.

Canik S Rival d
Canik S Rival d

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