EAA Goes Tips Up for 380 Fans

EAA are looking to outdo Beretta on one of its staple concepts-- the small tip-up barreled pistol.

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Mar 2023

EAA, the guys who have been importing all sorts of guns from Europe over the past 35 years or so, are looking to outdo Beretta on one of its staple concepts– the small tip-up barreled pistol.

The new MC 14 T is made in Turkey by Girsan and imported by EAA. A 13+1 capacity .380 ACP caliber blowback-action compact with an aluminum frame and a steel top half, it looks a lot like Beretta’s 80-series Cheetah and may even use the same pattern magazine. So what is the big deal, as SDS Imports is already bringing in a Turkish-made Cheetah clone (the Tisas Faith 13) for about $399?

Well, the Girsan MC 14 T has an accessory rail and a tip-up barrel, similar to Beretta’s tiny .22/.25 Bobcat and .32 ACP Tomcat pistols. Now that, in a world of folks looking to make easy-to-rack compact pistols (Smith & Wesson’s EZ line is wildly popular) could be a hit.

The price is $489, asking.


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