FN now has a Baby SCAR (Awww)

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Jan 2023

FN America, which has always had the design and production of the SCAR platform of 5.56 (Light) and 7.62 NATO (Heavy) rifles located here in the states, has finally moved to introduce a pistol variant to the consumer market.

Now to be clear, they have made a chopped-down variant of the SCAR-L for the past few years, the SCAR SC, but as it was a select-fire SBR, it was a military and law enforcement-only type of thing.

The new SCAR 15P does not come with a pistol brace as the ATF is thought to be fixing to drop the ban hammer on such devices, but it does have a vertical Picatinny rail on the rear of the receiver so you can always add one should that planned government crackdown fall through. With a 7.5-inch barrel, the 15P is sure to be a fireball spitter and, as it is still a SCAR, will cost upwards of $3K.

FN SCAR 15P (5)
FN SCAR 15P (5)
FN SCAR 15P (2)
FN SCAR 15P (2)

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