For those who want an 1875 Remington in…9mm?

There's a new spaghetti 1875 Outlaw in town. Taylor's new Outlaw is a forged steel revolver offered in 9mm Luger.

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Mar 2023

Taylor’s & Company, a Virginia-based outfit that collaborates with a host of Italian replica makers to reproduce historical firearms, has teamed up with Uberti to take a stab at the Remington 1875 single-action but in a much more modern caliber. While the classic wheelguns, which was introduced by Remmy two years after Colt debuted the famed Peacemaker, is remembered today as the “Improved Army” or “Frontier Army” revolver, the six-gun was chambered in some old black powder cartridges such as .44 Remington and .44-40 Winchester.

The new spaghetti 1875 as brought in by Taylor’s, dubbed the Outlaw, is a forged steel revolver offered in 9mm Luger. The company will be offering it in both 7.5-inch and 5.5-inch barrel length options, each with an MSRP of $669.


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