Mauser Celebrates 125th Anniversary of the Model 98

Mauser has gone all out for a limited run of 100 Jubilaeumswaffe edition G98 guns to celebrate its 100th birthday.

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Feb 2023

No matter whether you call it the Gewehr 98, G98, M98, or just the Model 98, Mauser’s iconic bolt-action rifle design was introduced a century and a quarter ago.

With something like 10 million copies of the full-sized rifle and its smaller Karabiner 98 carbine cranked out around the world over the years, this firearms legend is still in regular production with Mauser in Germany as a bespoke safari gun in the $13-$15K range and the company has gone all out for a limited run of 100 Jubilaeumswaffe edition guns to celebrate its birthday.

Available in four calibers– .375 H&H, .416 Rigby, .30-06, and 8×57 JS– each will be made in just a 25-rifle limited run, marked “125 Jahre Mod.98” and “1 von 25.”

 The accents include color case hardening, fish scale checkering, gold inlays, and burnished hardware all set in an oiled Grade 8 walnut stock. The price is $35,000.


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