Ruger Intros New American Rifle in 7PRC

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Jan 2023

Ruger waited until after SHOT Show to announce they have a new model of their Ruger American Rifle chambered for the popular new 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge

Dressed in GO Wild camo on a synthetic stock, the newest 7mm PRC in Ruger’s lineup runs a 24-inch cold hammer-forged barrel that uses 5-groove 5R rifling with a 1:8-inch twist to properly stabilize that hot new round. Weighing just over 7 pounds, the rifle comes standard with the company’s in-house radial port muzzle brake on 5/8-24TPI threads.

The 7mm PRC hits a sweet spot for many, as the magnum-length cartridge typically runs a long, heavy-for-caliber 180-grain bullet, essentially out Creedmooring the 6.5 Creedmoor, especially at distance.

The ask is $789.

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