Ruger, PROOF Research Team up for Light AR

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Jan 2023

Ruger introduced the Multi-Purpose Rifle, or MPR series of AR-15s in 2017 to improve their basic ($500ish) AR556 models. These MPRs, which run in the low-$1,000s, have better Magpul furniture, the company’s decent Elite 452 two-stage trigger, a full-length top Pic rail for optics, and a cold hammer forged threaded barrel with a muzzle brake tied to a mid-length gas system. Overall, not a bad deal.

Well, further upping the game, Ruger just introduced an improved model of the MPR complete with an 18-inch PROOF Research carbon-fiber wrapped barrel with a rifle-length gas system, Magpul’s PRS Lite competition stock, and a .223 Wylde chamber. (We’ve covered the Wylde option in the past and its ability to function with both 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington ammo safely, accurately, and reliably.)

This, says Ruger, makes the new MPR a $2,000 gun. As people really like those PROOF barrels, and they run about $1K a pop in an 18-inch with a Wylde chamber, we cannot argue with that logic too much.

Ruger MPR PROOF Research 2
Ruger MPR PROOF Research 2

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