Two Very Different Auto Ordnance 1911s

On the eve of the NRA Show, where gun makers can easily interface with the masses, Kahr Arms' Auto-Ordnance brand has debuted two new 1911s.

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Apr 2023

On the eve of the NRA Show, where gun makers are easily able to interface with the masses, you see lots of cosmetic changes to existing platforms which are largely made to have something “new” on hand for the event. It usually helps if they are of the red meat variety as well as befitting the crowd.

Answering this call, Kahr Arms’ Auto-Ordnance brand has debuted two new 1911s this month.

They include the Tanker, which is a more or less a military-style M1911A1 but comes with an OD green Cerakote finish complete with a GI WWII-style white star, like those carried on tanks (get the name?).

The second new installment is the Cold Dead Hands 1911 (remember the Damned Dirty Apes guy?) which includes the statements “Pry it From My Cold Dead Hands” and “Shall not be infringed” on its semi-custom sand and plum finish.

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