Firearm Basics

The American Firearms Guide to Gun Basics Basic firearm education is a must for all new shooters.

Section 1


When in doubt, start here. These are the most important fundamentals in the entire guide, so at a minimum please review the Safety Rules and how to tackle Children & Gun Safety.

Section 2

Shooting Fundamentals

We cover the fundamentals of using a firearm — safe handling, stances, proper grip, trigger pull, and all the bits and pieces that ensure you have a basic idea of how to handle a gun.

Section 3


A gun that’s uncared for will not treat you kindly when you need it most. Learn the basics of gun maintenance and you’ll have a skill for life.

Section 4


Without ammo your gun is little more than an expensive paper weight. But which ammo should you buy and where? We cover the basics of ammunition selection.

Section 5

Skill Development

What happens when you’ve got the basics down? Take those skills to the next level — and the best way to ensure you’re learning the right things is to learn them from the right people.

Section 6

Concealed Carry

Carrying concealed is a massive topic, but what’s important to those just getting started? We cover the most important bits.

Section 7


Be it saving money, adding a layer of precision and control to your brass, or just having your ammo crafted by your own hand, reloading is a fun pastime that requires specific skills and gear.

Section 8

Basic Gear

Everything but the guns. We highlight the products you’ll need to make the msot of your time at the range.

Section 10

History & Gun Geekery

After you’ve leveled up your gun expertise it can make sense to look back at the history, current data, and evolution of firearms over time.